2 GoldensAlice and RustyAll Black - Burberry style harness and collar, Tan white white face stripeAmerican HarnessesAres - Swiss - Red harness black edgingAussiesBrindle - crop ear - red white blue harnessChinese CrestedChocolate LabDexter - White Dog - Bright Green harnessDoodleFizzFuego, Kisch, GSD, yellow labGerman Shepherd with Blue and Pink harnessGolden and OrangeGrey w/ white stripe on face - red, white, blue harness (krueger)Grey/liver, white face stripe - red black harnessGSPHans SoloHudsonKarmaKateKeplerLittle All White - pink and purple harnessLittle black - blue and tan harness, 2nd dog in camoLittle brindle split face - pink purple harnessLucy and LibertyMalachiMalamutesMalinois - blue black harnessMalinois - young man handlerOlaf and MalamutesPoodleRogue - All black cropped ears - pink black grey harnessRoriRotties - female handlerSamoyedSmall grey dapple - black, purple harnessSwiss - black flame harnessSwiss - blue white harness, flame harness, black with pink harnessSwiss - pink skull harness & black harness red accentsSwiss - purpleSwiss - YetiTerrierWhite face brown body - purple pink harness & tan dog - green and purple harnessWillow and Nahla